Yool Pharma is a private limited company and Mogadishu-based pharmaceutical wholesaler established in the year 2016 It is an innovative sourcing & supplier company, involved in both exclusive representation and supply of a wide range of quality, affordable, and accessible healthcare solutions.

Besides, for our core pharmaceutical business in Somalia, we are one of the few entities established by a group of medical and administrative professionals aimed to supply high quality and good for human use products including but not limited to pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, medical equipment, kid’s nutritive growth and wellbeing supplements and Hospital sundries.

Trading pharmaceutical products is a central industry in Somalia’s economy, as well as in the particular economies of the more extensive Horn of Africa. With no local pharmaceutical producers to cover the growing demand, the greater part of the supply keeps on being met by bringing in drugs and medicines.

This business is developing at a fast pace and keeps on doing so, in accordance with the nation’s population growth.

Company Vision

  • Lead the provision of innovative healthcare solutions. 

Company Mission

  • To avail high quality pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, surgical equipment, children’s nutritional support, and well-being supplementary and medical equipment supplies with a maximum value to all stakeholders.

Our Core Business:

Customer Support

  • We prioritize developing a strong relationship with our clients to make sure that customers are provided the highest service delivery they can expect from our company.

 Regional Presence

  • In addition to our extensive presence in Somalia, our regional branches are located throughout the country.

Quality Assurance

  • We ensure the highest standards of product quality in line with the regulatory bodies and licensing board in-service performance and management procedures to our clients.

Product Range

  • Our product range includes a wide variety of drugs, including Human use medicines, diagnostics,  
  • Medical equipment, children’s growth, and well-being supplements